Frequently Asked Questions

General issues
1. How to activate Olivenet TV?
On a smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, Android TV, OTT-box:
1. Install the Olivenet TV app
2. Start the application and sign in with the username and password indicated in your contract.
2. On what devices does Olivenet TV work?

- Android version 5.1.2 and higher (smartphones and tablets).
- iOS version 9.0 and higher (smartphones and tablets).
- Samsung Smart TV, 2016 models and newer OS Tizen.
- LG Smart TV, for televisions with OS webOS 3.0 and higher.
- Smart TV Sony, Philips, Sharp based on OS Android TV from 7.0 and higher.
- TV set-top boxes: TVIP, set-top boxes based on Android TV 7.0 and higher.
- Computer. Browsers: Chrome 75 and higher, Firefox 66 and higher, Opera 62 and higher.
3. What does Olivenet TV cost?
The Olivenet TV cost depends on the number of channels included in the package.
4. What channels, movies, series has Olivenet TV?
Olivenet TV has more than 100 television channels in Spanish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, among others.
5. How to pay for the service?
The monthly payment is made automatically from the bank account indicated in the contract.
Mobile app
1. I want to watch Olivenet TV on my tablet and smartphone. How to connect multiple devices?
It's easy! Sign in to the Olivenet TV app with the username and password indicated in your contract on any device. Connect up to 3 devices to one account.
2. How to filter TV channels by category and genre?
Sign in to the Olivenet TV app, go to Categories section and select the category or genre.
Working hours:
Monday – Friday
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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